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App solution
for coaches & trainers

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A super-fast way for
course providers to
showcase and
monetise their skills. 

Are you a coach, fitness trainer or yoga teacher? offers you the oppor­tu­nity to share your know­ledge and skills with the world. Make it easy for your inte­res­ted parties and cus­to­mers to book and obtain video courses, current infor­ma­tion, and news from you with just one click. Your app on the App Store, Play Store or via QR code enables you to mone­tise your know­ledge and skills. Of course, this also applies to any other busi­ness where infor­ma­tion is to be brought to cus­to­mers: World­wide! Many func­tions are available to you here. Of course, there are also direct links to your website or other sources. It depends on the strategy.


How do you get to your marketing and customer app? 

First of all: You are not alone
A huge team of pro­gramm­ers has now made it pos­si­ble not only to make many sophisti­ca­ted, created func­tions available and usable, but also a mile­stone in the crea­tion of your app.

  • Easy crea­tion and main­ten­ance thanks to the use of infor­ma­tion already stored on the server
  • No IT know­ledge necessary
  • Unli­mi­ted number of lan­guages can be used
  • Addi­tio­nal crea­tion of a website can be used as a Pro­gres­sive Web App (PWA)

Sophisti­ca­ted and simple with your func­tions con­side­red in the usa­bi­lity for inte­gra­tion. is the easiest app in the world to create. A powerful app infra­struc­ture is stored, which was only created to make app crea­tion for your indus­try as easy as pos­si­ble. This also makes the crea­tion of an app sen­sa­tio­nally inex­pen­sive and in a short term. This means that you catch up your digital trans­for­ma­tion at short notice and are always acces­si­ble to your cus­to­mers in all rele­vant media.

A spe­ci­ally formed service team pro­vi­des assis­tance, for example, with the pre­sen­ta­tion, with the sel­ec­tion of func­tions, but much more importantly, with the right stra­tegy for your busi­ness and further, if requi­red, for the imple­men­ta­tion and support with new ideas, and imple­men­ta­tion of new functions.

You have the fol­lo­wing options when creating:

  • You create your app yours­elf with the use of tutorials
  • We accom­pany you during the crea­tion of your app
  • We help you with the crea­tion of your app

Contact us now and get started with your app! 

Please state your wishes and goals in your request or use this form. From this we will recom­mend the right approach.
You will receive check­lists and other valuable infor­ma­tion for the implementation.