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Service app
for employees
and customers

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Make knowledge available to your customers, employees, and structures at anytime, anywhere, online, or offline and thus inform more and prevent complaints.

Knowledge databases are always very practical when they are directly available – ideally worldwide. With you have the possibility to make important knowledge about your products available to all your customers, service technicians or interested parties. Assembly instructions or operating instructions – on your app, with your brand, which can be downloaded from either the Play Store or the App Store. Of course, this is also possible very simply via QR code. And of course, sub-apps are also possible to ensure optimal differentiation of the data. The data is stored securely in Switzerland – your chat is only stored on the server until it has been delivered to the smartphone. Of course, you also have the choice of online or offline use. The included city guide is very practical (for example for service technicians in the field).


How do you get to your marketing and customer app?

First of all: You are not alone
A huge team of programmers has now made it possible not only to make many sophisticated, created functions available and usable, but also a milestone in the creation of your app.

  • Easy creation and maintenance thanks to the use of information already stored on the server
  • No IT knowledge necessary
  • Unlimited number of languages can be used
  • Additional creation of a website can be used as a Progressive Web App (PWA)

Sophisticated and simple with your functions considered in the usability for integration. is the easiest app in the world to create. A powerful app infrastructure is stored, which was only created to make app creation for your industry as easy as possible. This also makes the creation of an app sensationally inexpensive and in a short term. This means that you catch up your digital transformation at short notice and are always accessible to your customers in all relevant media.

A specially formed service team provides assistance, for example, with the presentation, with the selection of functions, but much more importantly, with the right strategy for your business and further, if required, for the implementation and support with new ideas, and implementation of new functions.

You have the following options when creating:

  • You create your app yourself with the use of tutorials
  • We accompany you during the creation of your app
  • We help you with the creation of your app

Contact us now and get started with your app!

Please state your wishes and goals in your request or use this form. From this we will recommend the right approach.
You will receive checklists and other valuable information for the implementation.