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Almost anyone can do it!

But the real added value comes from the complete no-code philosophy. This saves resources that are better spent on very well-budgeted projects. After a short training period, really ANYONE in your agency can create, publish, and share an app. Copywriters, graphic designers and art directors can work directly on the project, without programmers.

It is also very interesting that your clients can post and edit daily updated content themselves. Take a look at some industry solutions. Help your clients switch to the most modern communication and advertising tool. Their own professional company app, advised by you, created by you, managed by you. Not for 50,000 €, not even for 20,000 €, no, under 5,000 € ready to go in the Goole Play Store, in the Apple App Store and of course as a website / PWA.

The most important question that advertising agencies should ask themselves for their app implementations in the current app boom is: What do I really need? is the most innovative and modern alternative to a custom-made or building block app and will become very important in this segment in the future. With near to ready apps from, you and your agency can get started immediately, serve your customers better, win new customers and thus generate more revenue.

App Systems

in comparison

Custom-Made App Building block app Near to Ready App
App Project Planning



Simple, through guidelines

App Creation Time

Long, partly unpredictable

Medium to long

Fast, 1-2 weeks from submission of all documents App Store and Google Play Store registration 2-3 weeks

App Strategy and Realisation

Partly very long


Existing industry solutions and case studies If required, help with the creation

App Creation Costs

Very high



Team Costs & Resource Commitment

Very high / necessary

Very high / necessary

Not necessary

Self-creation of the app possible


Conditionally possible

Possible after max. 2 hours of training

Requirement for all Project Participants

High qualification of all project participants

Partially high qualification of some project participants

Only simple user knowledge required for initial creation

Ongoing Support and Administration

Only possible by specialist staff

Possible through specialist staff or trained personnel

No specialist staff necessary

Technical Updates

Complex programming effort

Automatically, part of the licence agreement

Automatically, part of the licence agreement


Not included

Not included

Between 10 to 200 possible

Advertising revenue
(Pay per Click)

Low PPC commissions due to impersonal advertising network

Low PPC commissions due to impersonal advertising network

Direct shares in future advertising revenue from

App Distribution

Apple App Store, Google Play Store, QR code, link

Apple App Store, Google Play Store, QR code, link (incl. app as website / PWA)

Apple App Store, Google Play Store, QR code, link (incl. app as website / PWA)

Conclusion: (Near to Ready App) is the most innovative and modern alternative to an expensive custom-made app that has to be developed from scratch and to complicated app building block systems, some of which require prior programming, design or IT knowledge. guarantees a very simple, minimal effort at very low costs and with an implementation time of only 1-2 weeks from start to finish.

Your opportunities


The choice is yours: stand still or make (your app) your most modern communication tool for your sales!

  • 15 industry videos in German version (and more are being added all the time)
  • Website for sales
  • Landing pages for sales
  • Presentations for sales
  • Guides for sales
  • Sales and distribution documents
  • Direct sales and distribution support from us
  • Tutorials ready to use
  • Extensive training and information material (back-office functions, handling, possibilities, etc.)
  • Use of existing sample apps and strategies (and more are being added all the time)
  • Inclusion in the international agency network
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Your own white-label solution for your sales. All usable communication tools branded to you (clips, website, landing pages, ads, etc.). It couldn't be simpler!

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We create your white-label solution at low cost and in a short time and brand all usable communication media to you. Ready for the sale and your success!

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