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General Terms and Con­di­ti­ons (GTC)
for the use of

1. General Information and Definitions 

These General Terms and Con­di­ti­ons (her­ein­af­ter “GTC”) between users (her­ein­af­ter “user”) and license ag, Kägis­wi­ler­strasse 17, 6060 Sarnen, Switz­er­land (contact via e‑mail address: (her­ein­af­ter „mpa“) govern the use of the appli­ca­tion (her­ein­af­ter “myp”) con­sis­ting of soft­ware, web­sites and appli­ca­ti­ons as defined by mpa from time to time (her­ein­af­ter “myp SERVICES”).

The user is obliged to read these GTC carefully, as they contain infor­ma­tion on rights and rest­ric­tions on these rights, as well as a section on appli­ca­ble law and the juris­dic­tion of dis­pu­tes. The free myp SERVICES are offered on con­di­tion that the user accepts these GTC uncon­di­tio­nally. Other­wise, the use of the myp SERVICES is pro­hi­bi­ted. By using the myp SERVICES in any way, the user agrees to these GTC and con­firms that he has read and unders­tood their content.

2. Warranties and Disclaimers 

mpa does not gua­ran­tee or warrant the com­ple­ten­ess, time­liness, accu­racy, lega­lity or other quality of the infor­ma­tion pre­sen­ted on the myp plat­forms and with the myp SERVICES. This applies in par­ti­cu­lar to ser­vices and offers of third parties (inclu­ding prices, avai­la­bi­lity, ratings, etc.). mpa excludes any lia­bi­lity for errors or inac­cu­ra­cies, even if this infor­ma­tion is com­pi­led to the best of our know­ledge and belief. Fur­ther­more, mpa cannot gua­ran­tee or warrant that the content dis­played on the myp plat­forms and myp SERVICES is free of viruses or other data struc­tures that may have des­truc­tive or dis­rup­tive effects. The user is solely respon­si­ble for the pro­tec­tion of his data pro­ces­sing system.

mpa shall only be liable for damage caused by inten­tio­nal and grossly negli­gent actions on the part of mpa in the case of con­trac­tual claims. The user assumes the entire risk of the use of the myp SERVICES and inter­rup­ti­ons of the myp SERVICES. mpa assumes no lia­bi­lity for direct or con­se­quen­tial damages that may result from the use of the myp SERVICES.

3. Copyright 

The content and data published on the myp plat­forms via myp SERVICES (i.e. soft­ware, pro­ducts, brands such as logos, infor­ma­tion, images, reports, illus­tra­ti­ons, etc.) are in most cases pro­tec­ted by copyright.

The dupli­ca­tion, public repro­duc­tion or other use or explo­ita­tion of such pro­tec­ted content is gene­rally pro­hi­bi­ted without the written consent of the respec­tive copy­right holder. The user has exclu­si­vely the right to use the above-men­tio­ned content for per­so­nal, non-com­mer­cial purposes.

4. Security 

Secu­rity of data is important. mpa endea­vours to imple­ment and main­tain reasonable, com­mer­ci­ally accep­ta­ble secu­rity pro­ce­du­res and prac­ti­ces appro­priate to the nature of data stored by mpa to protect it from unaut­ho­ri­sed access, des­truc­tion, use, altera­tion or dis­clo­sure. The user must be aware that no method of trans­mis­sion over the Inter­net or elec­tro­nic storage is 100% secure.

5. Termination 

mpa reser­ves the right to modify or dis­con­ti­nue, either tem­po­r­a­rily or per­ma­nently, the myp SERVICES (or any part thereof). The user agrees that mpa shall not be liable to the user or to any third party for any modi­fi­ca­tion or dis­con­ti­nu­ance of the myp SERVICES, nor shall mpa be liable for any resul­ting loss of data.

6. Changes 

mpa may, in its sole dis­cre­tion, change or other­wise modify these GTC in the future as it deems neces­sary for legal, general regu­la­tory and tech­ni­cal pur­po­ses or due to changes in the myp SERVICES offered by mpa.

mpa will provide notice of any revi­sion to the GTC with a new version and such revi­sion will be effec­tive upon posting on the mpa website. The user is encou­ra­ged to visit this page peri­odi­cally to review the current version of the GTC. By con­ti­nuing to use myp SERVICES, the user accepts the updated or amended GTC.

7. Jurisdiction and Applicable Law 

These GTC shall be gover­ned by the sub­stan­tive laws of Switz­er­land, exclu­ding its con­flict of laws rules. The exclu­sive place of juris­dic­tion for all dis­pu­tes that may arise in con­nec­tion the­re­with and with myp SERVICES is Lucerne, Switzerland.

8. Severability Clause 

If any part of these GTC is found to be invalid or unen­forceable under appli­ca­ble law, the invalid or unen­forceable pro­vi­sion shall be deemed super­se­ded by a valid, enforceable pro­vi­sion that most closely matches the intent of the ori­gi­nal pro­vi­sion, and the remai­ning pro­vi­si­ons of these GTC shall con­ti­nue in full force and effect.